Monday, 26 September 2016

Sanjana hot Model escorts in Ahmedabad

Myself Sanjana Sharma  and I'm a pretty escort luxury and Indian model and count in top call girls in Ahmedabad owner of an exotic and sensual face with a cute blue eyes, fleshy mouth, one full of curves that you will put a hundred body. I am sweet, educated, sensual, Pleasure and romantic. In the privacy we untie the passion and enjoy an unalloyed pleasure; starting with a tantric massage and then a Thai massage. I will increase the pleasure when you perform oral Pleasure naturally to the end, prove any posture letting our imagination; we will make a rich 69th delicious anal Pleasure. I love kissing, fondling and get carried away by passion. After our meeting will delight you with a relaxing full body massage for you abide totally relaxed and at peace. I'm looking forward. Call me and come and enjoy the passion and dedication to pleasure.

More about me
Age: 24 years
Measurements: 105-63 - 100
Height: 168 cm.
Weight: 60 Kg.
Blond hair
Blue eyes
Nationality: Indian
Languages: I speak English, Hindi
Hours: 10h to 11: 30h
Travel: Yes

My services and rates

I can entertain you in my private apartment with the privacy necessary for us to relate with confidence. We can also meet at your hotel or in an apartment for hours I also give my service in Call girls in Jaipur.

If you wish, I can also accompany you to dinners and trips.
These are some of my special services: BDSM, Love, Cuban, Play, Fetishes, Body ejaculation, Fantasy, Vibrators, natural oral Pleasure, anal Pleasure, Golden shower, Massages, Sado, Striptease, Tantra, Threesome.

I also entertain men and couples.

Here are some of my rates:
2 hour: 10000
Trips to hotels: 2000

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Get best Call girls in Ahmedabad in own budget.

The passage of time and the years affects all human beings, to a greater or lesser extent. We are getting older, and our physical appearance is not the same as when we were 18 or 20 years. Something similar happens to the luxury Call girls in Ahmedabad and Jaipur prostitutes, although each girl gets bring better or worse, as happens to anyone else


The vast majority of the luxury escorts pays attention to your body going to the gym, with a proper diet or with all kinds of creams. In this way, they can avoid the flab, fat and wrinkles. At the end of the day in luxury prostitution and attractive body care is the best advertising customers face.
But still, there are prostitute’s escorts and luxury Jaipur Ahmedabad who fail to maintain the image they want for their work, so some tinkering seek fulfillment in your body, with the aim to remain desired by its customers. But like everything in life, you have to know which hands to get the result are desired.

When an escort is put in the hands of a beauty clinic or surgeon to catch up, you know who to trust. Many escorts follow the advice of other escorts, for the good results they see in them.

As for customers, they must prefer luxury prostitutes who have not retouched his body or his face, even if it means the existence of a wrinkle or some fat or slight imperfections. On the other side are men seeking prostitute’s escort’s luxury Ahmedabad and Call girls in Jaipur with perfect bodies and smooth faces, giving the same the time that the escort has gone through some kind of aesthetic treatment.

In addition to the tweaks to remove imperfections, are also aesthetic operations that escorts high standing undergoes to improve your body and be more attractive to men. Among these processes, it emphasizes breast augmentation, lips, ass or waste reduction and improving the aesthetics of the nose or ears.

Undoubtedly the most striking is the surgery of the breasts. Over the years, gradually they are victims of gravity; so many escorts prefer to go through an intervention to return to stand. And incidentally, increase a size or two sizes. Too many young escorts choose to enhance their breasts, either because they have very little or simply because they want them bigger.
The subject of natural or operated breasts can give much time for discussion between customer’s luxury escorts. Some people prefer to be natural, even if they are smaller or have lost firmness and height. But there are also customers seeking women with big, firm breasts, with which to play and enjoy. In this way, they have to touch and taste, whether natural or operated.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Does PENIS Size Matter while sex?

One of the most common debates on sex is the importance of penis size. Is it really important? In the field of prostitutes escorts service in Ahmedabad, Sabarmati Ahmedabad also spoken on many occasions of penis size customers. In addition to the more or less sexual pleasure than to receive the escort luxury penis size matter for some sexual services offered by the luxury prostitutes.

Many of the escorts attach importance to penis size in many of the sexual services they offer, and is one of the main anal sex or Greek. Some escorts luxury Sabarmati ahmedabad and Ahmedabad prostitutes engage in anal sex with all customers who request it, regardless of size. Instead, many do they warn that performed depending on the size of the penis of his client. They fear anal tears or other injuries to his ass, so, although in their ads published that do perform anal sex, but then be notified by phone that everything will depend on whether the size to be anally penetrated is appropriate. That is, in this case is more important than the penis size is not large, unlike in traditional sex.

When the time comes natural French, something similar happens between Call Girls in Ahmedabad and Sabarmati escorts. In this case, the escorts who perform oral sex will do so regardless of the size of the penis. But too large it can hinder all the good that the customer is willing to have. The same goes deep throat, as if the luxury escort gets introduced entire penis in her mouth, if it is too large may have trouble following with fellatio.

In vaginal sex penis size it becomes equally important than sex couples. If the luxury escort wants to enjoy a good sex session, then it will prefer that penis size is considerable. In this way, you can feel better within yourself, and enjoy better sex. While always considering how the client is able to handle to give more pleasure. Instead, luxury prostitutes may have appointments where only seeking to do their work, that is, gives pleasure to the man who so wishes and requests. So they prefer to cite men whose penis size is smaller, and not have to feel it a so insistent in his way. If the size is small, you will not have to think so much about the hardness of the penis, if you will feel within you in an exaggerated way, etc.

In short, the penis size appointments luxury escorts also matters. But in these cases, sometimes the luxury prostitutes prefer a smaller penis, and instead in other situations not displease them that their client has a big penis.