Sunday, 16 October 2016

Saleswoman in Ahmedabad

Sona was a girl she had known for quite some time. It was the clerk at the shop where you used to go to buy clothes. He had a couple of years older than me and whenever I went there, I was with a special sympathy. Our deal had never gone beyond until one night, we agreed in the pub.

I was there with my friends having drinks while we laughed and chatted when I went to the bar to order another round and I found call girl in Jaipur.

Oh, hello Sona! - He waved quickly smiling.
Hello Beautiful! What a coincidence. - He replied returning my smile as we shook two kisses on the cheeks.
I asked if she was alone, she said yes and invited him to join us. She accepted immediately.

The minutes were passing normally, laughing and personal anecdotes until he started playing music and went to the dance floor to move a little skeleton.

Sona began to dance with me, moving sensually, rubbing his body with mine without shame. Our breasts touched on more than one occasion and there were several seconds that our lips were so close they were almost touching Call girls in Ahmedabad.

After the dance I started thinking that Sona liked and honestly, I felt attracted to her that night. It was not something new to me, he had a lesbian experience before but to rather that my sexual relations were restricted to male persons ... Maybe that's what made the idea of ​​having something more with it at the time, became more than appetizing...

Sona came around my waist with his hands and kissed me sweetly without asking permission. I was looking into her eyes for a second and then I just smiled. He took my hand and asked me if I wanted to go out with her. Of course, I did not refuse and left the premises.

He felt as if sex had dampened and a recognizable heat through my body.

Once outside, still holding his hand took me to the rear of the pub. There was Call girls in Ahmedabad and the only light was dim bulb us a lamppost.

Still smiling, little by little was pushing me against the wall, acorralándome without letting me escape. He grabbed my hands in hers and placed above either side of my head. His lips began to approach my neck and I felt his tongue as he passed for making my hair stand on end, after that came a bite and could not help a shy moan escaped from inside.

After that call girl in Jaipur started kissing frantically, and our eager hands began to delve beneath our clothes, touching every millimeter of our skin.

Each time I felt more moisture between my legs, I was dying to feel his fingers playing with my sex hungry excited.

When I felt his right hand jutted beneath my pants, madness seized me and whispered in his ear:

Do not make me wait ...
A sly smile crossed her lips and his fingers began to walk around my swollen clitoris, massaging in circles and going up and down ...

You do not know how long he'd been waiting for this. - I said as one of his fingers fiddling with my narrow and wet entrance.

And right after that, I penetrated to the bottom with it. He began to fuck me there, against the wall, while my moans were running away from me, letting me touch the sky. After that professional finger, another came to keep him company in a completely perfect pleasure fro...

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Moonlight walk with Call girls in Ahmedabad

Sometimes knowing what will happen is not as exciting as not knowing. That's what happened to me with Javier, a regular customer of escorts service in Ahmedabad never knew what would happen in the event.
We had done many things at this stage of life, we have never repeated, each one of our scheduled appointments had been different but in all we finished in one body. Tonight we would have a new meeting and nothing else confirms, my body started to get excited at the thought of being with him.
Would pick me up before dinner to take me to a restaurant and after that did not know anything else. Just I have to limit myself to be guided by the man who sometimes confused with a magician for his qualities to surprise.
He was giving me the last touch before the mirror when I heard the car horn Javier. I was on my door waiting for me. Nerves began to surface.
I left my house, smiling and climbed into his car. We greeted each other with two kisses on the cheeks and set out.
The night started quiet in a quality restaurant, in a quiet and intimate place. The food was exquisite and excellent treatment. We were enjoying the evening talking, laughing ... I think anyone who saw us from outside, without being aware of what they really were, they would think it was a couple who is spending a romantic evening.
After an hour or so, he asked for the bill and we went from there.
And now, where I take it? - I asked curious and impatient.
I think you know me enough to know that I'm not going to say. - He replied smiling.
They increased my desire of sex with escorts service in Jaipur. I knew it was what lay beneath that black pants and I liked too ... The man was a prodigy.
He grabbed my hand and started to walk around the city. I found it a bit strange because it was not something that I have used, usually always went more to the point, straight to bed or wherever.
A couple of really seemed to love anyone but this was nothing more ... carnal.
After a while walking, we reached a viewpoint completely alone. The views were amazing, knew of its existence by other people who had been there but it was my first time.
I thought you'd see me the second best views in the world ... - I whispered as she hugged me from behind.
They're beautiful ... - I replied dumbfounded. - One moment, and what are your first best views? - I asked curious.
I have it right in front of me ...
I will not lie. When I said that I thought "sure it says it all" but then smiled and said that even if that were true, now it was I who had heard and just at that moment, he started kissing me passionately.
Note his big hands squeezing my waist made me lose the north I think it was time to take action, right there. In that place outdoors and dark only illuminated by the moon. That moon would witness the perversities that we were going to commit.
As we kissed and we walked our bodies with hands, his cock began to stiffen and enlarge in size by his image came to my mind and make my crotch began to wet playful anxious.

A moment later, a big hand slipped under my underwear and started playing with the little button of pleasure ... My next step would be simple, kneel before him and eat him like never before had done while this beautiful full moon was reflected in her eyes .