Tuesday, 8 November 2016

A hot date with Call girls in Ahmedabad with Rakesh

The needle of that monumental railway station clock marked nine-thirty at night. The powerful heating of the halt contrasted with the cold gusts of wind, which in those days lashed the sierra of Madrid.

I had a date. Ascent in my black "louboutin", I took the train that would take me to hotel where Rakesh was waiting for me.

On the way, I, Call girls in Ahmedabad, recreated myself as I stared at the autumnal landscape through the window of that car, while letting my imagination fly, full of questions about what was going to happen later. Something innovative, and wild first of all! I could not doubt.

Rakesh always left a great space open to surprise, in each of our meetings.

About ten twenty I, Call girls in Jaipur, arrived at my destination. It was really cold! ; I hurried the collar of my raincoat with my hands as I walked barely a hundred yards and decidedly went into the lodge.

I noticed several male glances sticking, sniffing, at me, behind the subtle compass of my heels ...

Once in the elevator, I coquettishly put the dress to the knee, in front of the mirror, highlighting a generous neckline; I tore my mane lightly, opening gold wicks, and I touched my crimson ... I was ready for the "battle", with all the heavy artillery in order!

I waited for a few moments, standing in front of the door of the room (312); I took a slight breath of air and struck it, softly, with four touches, as a password.

House-Commercial music was divined inside this one, and after a few steps, it opened, slowly ...

My lover, he stared at me, smiling ... with that vicious expression that characterizes him.
Welcome call girl in Ahmedabad ! He said with a sly attitude.

The gallantry lasted for a short time, for he grabbed my hair with moderate force and led me
Toward the bed, almost dragging, adding:

- How I longed to fuck you again, baby!
We both squandered passion; Without preamble, we undress our impatient bodies, all at once; One breathed desire in the environment.

We lay down on the bed and began to kiss, very obscenely, tongue with tongue ..., moistening them ..., while the hands, almost by themselves, covered the whole anatomy of the other; Looking for us and finding ourselves in an incessant mague ...

My skin burned, literally, I was suffocated; I remember that we made a very brief pause and opened a bottle of "Prosecco" or sparkling wine, as you prefer to call it, who knew us to glory and we toned a little to continue the mess ...

It was then, when Javi pulled two cans of body oil out of a bag, winking at me ...
"Tonight," I told him, "I made them fluids."
Call girl in Jaipur forced him to lie face down, to give him a very sensual massage with the smell of "lavender" and "vanilla of Tahiti"; At least, that put on the labels of the pair of products ...

I sat on top of him, rubbing my most erogenous zone against his firm buttocks, in an intense swirl of pleasure; Simultaneously, stroking her back, running her with my breasts impregnated with liquid; Little bites on his neck, while whispering in his ear what would come later ... Sexual tension was growing between us to become torture ...
Her half-open legs begged me to turn my attention to them. I slid a few inches down, gently, sliding my body soaked in oil and various fluids, then licked as my mouth was in its path.

He stirred uneasily between the sheets, already soaked by such a display. Panting, constantly, begging me to fuck her-yay-all at once.